At the end of Term 1, we had a brainstorming activity to list some strategies on how to improve our maths. Working in groups, students listed strategies pertaining to Homework, Assessment preparation and Class Behaviour. Here's what the students came up with:

  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Revise topics on notes or textbook
  • Self-correct - learn from mistakes
  • Seek help - class buddy, parent, teacher, Munch (Maths at Lunch)
Assessment Preparation

  • Space out time for study
  • Work on weaknesses, e.g. re-do exercises you found hard
  • Seek help  (see above)
  • Do the Practice tests
  • Revise topics on notes or textbook

In-class Behaviour
  • Put hand up to ask if you don't understand
  • No unnecessary talking
  • Take notes