About Homework

Learning maths involves conceptual learning AND practice. It is like learning a new language with its own symbols, vocabulary, semantics and, I daresay, peculiarities. 

I speak two languages fluently and have tried to learn two more. I am not fluent in French and Spanish because I do not use these languages regularly. Regular engagement through diligent practice is needed to achieve fluency. 

Simply put, homework is work done at home to augment, enrich and reinforce learning in the classroom. Maths homework is crucial in developing fluency. Often, these are exercises on the textbook - refer to Topic Outlines. Sometimes, homework can be worksheets or online activities. Even if no homework is assigned, students are expected to at least go over notes from previous lessons. About 1-2 hours a week is deemed reasonable.

Be Amazing - About the green Amazing cards

In our class, everyone has a chance to be Amazing, i.e. exceed expectations. Apart from the verbal affirmation, students receive green Amazing cards, two of which can be exchanged for a Merit. While this is supposedly subject to the teacher's judgement, there have been occasions when students themselves acknowledged a peer as amazing. Such is our class community.

Be Amazing is my challenge to every student to extend themselves in my class. It is a tangible way of expressing high expectations. Many have risen to the challenge and continue to do so.

About Class Participation

Everyone is encouraged to participate in class discussions and activities. "Who haven't I heard from yet?" is a common line. The class is often reminded that every student is worth listening to. 

Also, each student has a buddy, a relationship encouraged out-of-class, particularly in cases of missed lessons. In a small way, it teaches responsibility for others. In-class, buddies are encouraged to work together and this appears to be working well. Buddies are set for the year but students can expect to be part of different groups as well.

In short, class participation supports a sense of belonging to our learning community that is the 8MATE class.